Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts Activiated Charcoal


Harmonic Arts Activated Charcoal is made from naturally grown coconut shells, using a controlled carbonization and steam method. This process enhances the absorptive power of the charcoal by developing an internal network of fine pores within. Making our activated charcoal 100% alkaline and highly electric with a negative ionic charge that attracts the positive ionic charges of toxins and poisons.

Activated Charcoal has been used for over 7000 years as a remedy for a variety of health issues including food poisoning, gastric and digestive issues, addictions, soft tissue ailments, toxin removal, internal cleansing and skin health.
Directions: Dosages ranging from 1 - 5 grams , up to 3 times per day. Combine with 250 - 500 ml water or more as desired.
70g amber glass jar
Meant for short term use, consult a healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant or suffer from intestinal obstructions.

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