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Living Libations Throat Spray - Hotberry



Bursting with the same berry-robustness of our classic immune hot berry, Illume Hotberry Solacing Mouth Mist will tend to your dry, scratchy throat, spritz after vivacious spritz.

If you are feeling an"ahem",simply clear your throat with Illume Hotberry Solacing Mouth Mist.

This formula will allay and hold at bay scratchy, dry, and tickly throats. Living Libations has, yet again, pooled a talented team of plant treasures to coat your throat in the liquid love of caring botanicals.

Simply mist into mouth to refresh breath and to clear the throat when you feel the need to impede dryness and coat the area in the glee of this botanical devotee.

Use: Mist a few spritzes into the mouth to coat the throat before speaking, singing, or to freshen the breath.


Slippery Elm Oil - Ulmus rubra

MCT oil is a concentrated form of coconut oil that captures the most beneficial, nourishing compounds – Medium Chain Triglycerides. To this elixir we have infused the inner bark of slippery elm, which contains a polysaccharide substance called mucilage. When infused in MCT, this soothing slippery slope coats your mouth and throat with moisturizing hope

Organic Ingredients:- Slippery Elm Oil - Ulmus rubra, Schizandra Berry Oil - Schizandra spenanthera, Seabuckthorn Berry Oil - Hippophae rhamnoid, Ginger Root Oil - Zingiber officinales, Clove Oil - Eugenia carophyllata, Cinnamon Oil - Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Turmeric Oil - Curcuma longa, Grapefruit Oil - Citrus paradisi

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