Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts Energize Flower Essence



This flower essence can be used when a person needs to re-energize themself. It can be taken after an exhausting task or activity, when a person has over intellectualized something, or when they have exhausted themselves from too much thinking. Energize will help reduce the apathy and depression that is often associated with low energy.


Echinacea: re-energizes a person that feels shattered from trauma or exhaustion

Labrador Tea: centers the body™s energy in the moment; relieves stress associated with the experience of extremes

Lady Slipper: restores energy after nervous exhaustion; helps connect one™s higher and lower centers

Nasturtium: reduces fatigue due to hyperactivity of the intellect; moves one™s center to their heart energy

Self Heal: revitalizes the healing energies of the body to restore a strong balance

Sweet Grass: enhances energy flow and balance, while reducing energy blocks in the etheric body

Wild Rose, Alberta: increases motivation and joy for life; produces the energy to combat apathy

50ml amber glass bottle with dropper top


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