Pranic Forest

Pranic Forest Diffuser Blend Kit


All three Pranic Forest Diffuser Blends, in a beautiful box that can be re-used.

Each 10 ml bottle contains pure essential oils to heal.

Scent Descriptions:

IMMARU - Immaru is Sumerian for light

A great daytime blend to open the upper chakras.


essential oils of rosemary . cardamom . lime . aged patchouli . lemon . sweet orange . cajeput, peppermint . benzoin resin

PURITY - clear the space of unwanted energies as well as a great oil to diffuse when unwell.


essential oils of litsea citrata . lavender . lemon . lemon eucalyptus . sweet orange .  rama tulsi ( holy basil). peppermint

STARGAZER - create a peaceful ambiance to fall asleep in.


​essential oils of bergamot . lavender . vetiver . catnip . roman chamomile . ylang ylang  . fir needle

10ml glass bottles

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