Rich Hippie

Rich Hippie Bohemian Wedding eau de parfum



Chic, romantic, earthy floral with notes of Sumatran Patchouli and Italian citrus.
Eau de Parfum Roll-on 1/6 Fl.oz. 5 ml
Rich Hippie perfume is made using traditional methods. Their "spirits of wine" or wine alcohol is all natural and better yet, it is made from organically grown grapes harvested from the great wine regions of California. All of the plant and flower extracts Rich Hippie uses are organic or wildcrafted and carefully selected with the utmost attention to quality.

Rich Hippie perfume is made in very small batches with tremendous care, to bring you a product that is both safe for your health and safe for the environment.
Ingredients: Organic Alcohol, Extracts from Organic and Wildcrafted Plants and Flowers.

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