LVNEA Botanical Perfume Oil - Papillon De Nuit



butterfly of the night // moth

Notes: palo santo wood*, ambrette seed, botanical white musk accord, white copal resin, sandalwood, white floral.

Aspects: woody, fresh, musky 

Ingredients: coconut oil, an essential oil blend, natural plant extracts, artisanal plant tinctures of ambrette seeds and white copal.

The Ritual: roll a small amount on to pulse points and allow to air dry.

Choose between a beautiful black glass bottle with a crystal roller ball inside a matte black tube (10ml/.33oz) or a matte black gift box (20ml/.67oz).

Natural / Botanical

*This scent will be discontinued or reformulated in the near future due to the use of palo santo essential oil. We will be using up the last of our supplies and do not intend to purchase more. A portion of the proceeds from this scent will also be donated to indigenous and environmental-focused organizations. 

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