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Oio Lab Botanical Smoothing Serum 7 Wonders



botanical facial smoothing serum

7 Wonders: the  perfect choice for dehydrated skin in need of smoothing and regeneration. 

The treatment gives the skin a healthy glow, visibly smoothes and nourishes the skin structure. Botanical serum rich in nourishing extracts
of beech, chicory, hemp, turmeric root and fig opuntia seeds supports the skin regeneration process and improves its color.

  • A powerful antioxidant
  • 100% of respondents declare a smoothing effect
    and restoring a healthy appearance *
  • Clinically proven firming
    and wrinkle reducing properties
  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • 100% ingredients of natural origin

* 25 people aged 30-72 were selected for the study.
The study lasted 14 days.

The combination of seven precious plant extracts and the achievements of science in an antioxidant and anti-aging facial oil serum. The treatment contains organic turmeric root extract * and oils obtained by an advanced method ** from chicory seeds, beech and hemp.
The botanical composition has been enriched with organic oils from the seeds of prickly pear, safflower and squalane - supporting the skin regeneration process. Serum-elixir visually smoothes wrinkles, ensures proper tension and healthy appearance of the skin. 7 natural wonders and 100% the power of science.

* obtained by extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide (CO₂)
** obtained by enzymatic extraction

The botanical treatment is intended for all skin types, especially those in need of smoothing and regeneration.

We are transparent: 100% ingredients of natural origin

The violet glass of the bottle preserves the freshness of the valuable ingredients. 


Made in Poland with kindness.

30 ml - 1 fl. oz.

Vegan product, not tested on animals. Cruelty-Free. Certified by the international PETA organization.

Care Ritual:

In the morning and in the evening, put 4-5 drops in your hands. Spread the oil, massaging your face upwards, starting from the center of your face until the treatment is absorbed. Take a deep breath in and out. 

Look in the mirror. You are lucky.

* For the best results, we recommend using the treatments as the second step in care after the application of gel-like products such as AQUASPHERE Multilevel Moisturizing Face Serum or THE E-SERUM Oio Lab Anti-Blue Light Repair Serum.

** Our products are efficient. Together with scientists from our laboratory, we have calculated that each 7 Wonders Oil Treatment lasts up to 90 days of daily use. We made the calculation assuming that we massage 5 drops of the serum in the morning and evening.

Transparent Ingredients:

Organic CO₂ extract from turmeric (curcuma longa root extract) - a valuable ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine and modern science - a powerful antioxidant with clinically proven therapeutic properties. In care it is famous as a killer of free radicals. Especially recommended for problematic skin that requires regeneration and smoothing. In the Oio Lab treatment, it is obtained by extraction with the use of supercritical carbon dioxide - a 100% natural and ecological method that allows obtaining the highest purity raw material while maintaining the valuable active substances of turmerone root. - Raw material source: total CO₂ extractfrom the dried rhizome of curcuma longa from organic farming, it contains 70-90% of an essential oil consisting mainly of alpha and beta-turmerone and ar-turmerone. Organic control: DE-ÖKO-013. 

Enzymatic chicory seed oil - the oil used in the Oio Lab treatment is obtained by an advanced, enzymatic extraction - 100% natural and ecological method that allows obtaining plant active ingredients of the highest quality and purity. The ingredient is rich in essential fatty acids (> 75%) - key molecules in the cell regeneration process. The high content of polyphenols supports the process of protection against damage caused by free radicals and stimulates cell renewal. It has a COSMOS certificate of naturalness. 

Enzymatic beech seed oil  - extracted using a completely ecological method using carefully selected enzymes. Beech seed oil has strong antioxidant properties. Golden oil with a wood and nut aroma is rich in omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, contributing to the appropriate level of skin hydration and elasticity. It has a COSMOS certificate of naturalness. 

Enzymatic hemp seed oil  - an enzymatically obtained ingredient of high quality and purity. The method is based on the natural release of the active molecules of the plant through the hydrolysis of the cell wall, making it possible to obtain the best of hemp seeds. Light green oil with a delicately spicy scent of freshly cut grass is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants. It has a COSMOS certificate of naturalness. 

Organic fig opuntia oil - cold pressed, unrefined light oil has been famous for its smoothing properties for years. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins E and K, and essential fatty acids. The perfect choice for dehydrated skin with signs of aging that requires tension and relief. It has the COSMOS organic certificate. 

Organic safflower oil  - cold pressed from the seeds of the annual safflower plant. It has a high content of linoleic acid. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and problematic skin. Its advantage is light, non-greasy and quickly absorbed texture. It is certified by the Soil Association Organic. 

Neossance® Squalane – ultra-lekki olejek o strukturze kompatybilnej z ludzkim sebum. Silnie nawilża, wygładza, uelastycznia i wykazuje działanie ochronne. Wspomaga proces regeneracji mikro uszkodzeń i zwiększa transport składników aktywnych w głąb skóry. Posiada certyfikat ECOCERT. 

Tocopherol non-GMO – witamina E otrzymana z surowca roślinnego, który nie został poddany modyfikacji genetycznej. Naturalny antyutleniacz przedłużający żywotność cennych olejów. Posiada certyfikat ECOCERT. 

INGREDIENTS: Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil *, Cichorium Intybus Seed Oil, Fagus Sylvatica Seed Extract, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Squalane, Opuntia Ficus-Indica Seed Oil *, Curcuma Longa Root Extract *, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Limonene ^. * ingredients from certified organic farming ^ ingredient naturally present in turmeric extract

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