Akar Skin

Akar Skin Balance Toning Mist



For all skin types

Spray your way to glowing, healthy skin. This non-sticky mist of rose and orange blossom sets gently into the skin providing hydration and enables greater absorption of nutrients by lowering skin’s surface tension. This means all the good stuff – in this toner, and everything you apply next - will be fully absorbed, right into your skin. Formulated to support the skin’s acid mantle layer ability to keep out harmful pathogens with naturally powerful pH-balancing ingredients. With Saffron Stem Cells for rejuvenation.

Our mist does not contain irritants like alcohol, nor is it watered down with water fillers, ensuring noticeably softer and luminous skin with use.

Alternatively known as Balance Toning Mist

✓ Vegan
✓ Cruelty free
✓ Gluten free

2.4oz / 70ml glass bottle

Ritual & Tips
Shake well before use. With eyes closed, inhale deeply while misting 3-5 times over skin, after cleansing and before oils.

- Mist onto face as needed for immediate hydration throughout the day, as well as for setting make-up.

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