Akar Skin

Akar Skin Restore Eye Treatment



Perfect for sensitive eyes

A luscious and soothing oil for targeted treatment around the eye. This serum will leave you feeling hydrated, de-puffed, and well-rested. All-natural ingredients hydrates and negates puffiness and dryness, while fatty acids work to firm, tighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Rejuvenates and returns youth to eye area.

**Received over 44,000 4 star+ reviews

✓ Vegan
✓ Cruelty free
✓ Gluten free

0.3oz / 10ml glass bottle

Ritual & Tips
Place two drops onto palms. Cup palms together to warm, then gently tap with the fingertip above and under the eyes.

- Rub residue oil onto eyelash roots to stimulate growth

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