Alauna Whelan

Alauna Whelan Ritual Mist - Fire



Fire represents abundance through confidence, inspiration, and creativity.

A sweet and citrusy blend that instills optimism and joy

Use : Shake before use. Mist yourself for an aromatic pick-up or meditation tool. Consecrate sacred objects or space. Spritz rooms, linens, bedding, towels.

Crystal lore: Tiger eye is a harmonious and balanced stone. It instills courage, confidence, and creativity. Tiger eye has the ability to be both energizing and calming. This makes it a great talisman for manifestation, abundance, and to boost creative endeavors.

Size: 60 ml | 2 oz

100% botanical ingredients: Neroli floral water, grain alcohol, essential oils of palmarosa, ylang-ylang, bergamot, radish root ferment filtrate (natural preservative), tiger eye gems.

Handcrafted in Canada


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