Black Magic Alchemy

Black Magic Alchemy Chaga Rootbeer Elixir



Experience mushroom magic with our wild chaga elixir. We harvest our wild chaga mushrooms in Canadian birch forests with sustainability & love. 

Artisan handcrafted in small batches, our elixirs are hyper concentrated into a rare formula that's FUN, easy to take, and tastes supernaturally like vanilla root beer so you can love taking it daily.

+ Pineal gland activation: clear brain fog, enhance focus & intuitive awareness.

+ Skin sexification: eye color, hair shine, skin brightness, liver cleansing & youthful vibrancy.

+ Immune support: digestif, alkalinity, nourished organs, internal power & external magnetism

Enjoy 1 - 2 tablespoons daily or upgrade your coffee, chai, smoothies, cocktails & bubble H20 with a shot of Black Magic Alchemy.

Sip wild forest magic in your cup daily.

Traveler 8oz = 16 doses

Alchemist 16.9oz = 33 doses

El Gigante 32oz = 64 doses

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