Cardea Auset

Cardea Auset Rose Quartz Roller


Rose Quartz Roller

Rose Quartz carries the powers of beautification and divine feminine energy. This stone speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, bringing your thoughts deeper than beauty - which is essential to self-love practice (and glowing skin!)

How to Use:

Gently massage the Cardea Rose Quartz Roller across face, beginning inward at the nose and working out. Work the Roller downward under your chin to assist with lymphatic drainage. Use it alone as a facial massage or in combination with your favourite oil or serum for deeper absorption.

Pro tip:

store in the fridge for an ultra-cool way to ease puffiness, increase circulation and stimulate collagen production.

To Clean:

Wipe clean after use by rolling over a dry face cloth. Wipe with warm, damp towel with continued use. Cleanse your stone’s energy in the Moon Cycles.

Benefits of the Rose Quartz Roller

  • Assists in detoxification.

  • Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles with increased blood circulation through massage.

  • Decreases puffiness around the eyes and face.

  • Supports lymphatic drainage.

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