Conscious Coconut

Conscious Coconut Coconut Oil


Conscious Coconut Oil is crafted using the traditional cold-pressed method, without the use of heat or pressure. As a result the coconut oil is never exposed to any harsh or yucky chemicals. This ensures that it retains its natural, powerful antioxidants and anti-fungal effects.

Conscious Coconut is a fair trade supplier of certified USDA Organic Coconut Oil.  Virgin & unrefined. Packaged in a travel ready tube.

Uses: Face Wash, Hair Conditioner, Oil Pull, Face & Body Moisturizer, Make-up Remover, Treatment of Scars and Infections, Light Sun Protection, After Sun Care, Itch Relief, Shaving Cream etc.

For every purchase you make, a child is given a meal through a partnership with Feeding America Food Banks.


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