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Living Libations Feeling Good Today


Feeling Good Today Essential Oil Blend

Living Libations rejoice juice replenishes the spirit as you revive body and mind with the sheer cheer of these clarifying botanicals. 

Living Libations Feeling Good Today is a fortifying chrism created with a beautiful blend of holy basil, grapefruit, and greenland moss. Living Libations sanctification tonic's power lies in its unique ability to unite the mind and body, for an experience of total union.

Greenland moss is traditionally known in North American native herbalism to have an affinity for spiritual cleansing and revitalization. Holy basil, a royal oil with an affinity for clarity, is superb at sanctifying the sensitive and disquieted mind. Giddy grapefruit is blended in to ensure your mood is on the mend with its kind cheer that endears. With Living Libations devotional potion on your side, there’s no need to hide; you’ll be Feeling Good Today, so hold on for the ride!

5ml amber glass bottle

How to use:

Anoint wrists, neck or the soles of the feet with this elixir. Diffuse, salt pipe or use in baths. To freshen breath place one drop under the tongue as needed.

organic ingredients of:

  • Holy Basil Oil - Ocimum sanctum
  • Grapefruit Oil - Citrus paradisi
  • Greenland Moss Oil - Ledum groenlandicum

ingredient highlight:

Holy Basil Oil - Ocimum sanctum

The first step toward Feeling Good Today is manifesting mental clarity. All hail Holy Basil, a plant so sacred it is worshipped in Hindu culture as the botanical incarnation of the god Vishnu. Also known as Tulsi, this timeless essence is a sparkling diamond of botanical dynamism; an elixir so sacred, so mighty that it is revered across India for its liveliness and vitality-venerating powers. This sweet, herbaceous oil with a hint of clove-aroma boots bliss and sanctifying mind, body and sacred spaces with its holy energy.


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