Pranic Forest

Pranic Forest Pegasus Clarifying Facial Oil



Pegasus Facial Oil includes an arrangement of high quality essential oils and non comedogenic (non pore clogging) carrier oils that nourish the skin, without ever being greasy. It includes fast penetrating vegan squalene oil derived from olives, eucalyptus ironbark, helichrysum, clary sage, calendula extract, lemon eucalyptus, sweet orange, yarrow 

Ideal for day and night time use, ideal for problem skin.

Plant based

How to use:
Cleanse face and then apply one of our hydrosol mists (iif suffering from acne, we suggest Portal clarifying mist). Place 1-2 drops on your palms, rub together, and then massage into face and neck. To be used in place of facial cream.

Comes in a 1 ounce glass bottle with a pump.

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