Schaf - Facial Cleanser



Dirt, Makeup, And Pollution Now Have Nowhere To Hide.

A highly effective, gentle, hydrating facial cleanser that's especially formulated for sensitive skin.

The things that have been quietly lurking within your pores can lurk no longer.

Formulated for men and women, and for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. This multi-purpose coconut-based facial cleanser – infused with a blend of Chamomile, Aloe and Cucumber – gently removes dirt, excess oil, and tones - leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed. Use a.m. / p.m.

  • Refines pores, cleanses without stripping
  • Emulsifies dirt and oil, pollution and makeup
  • Restores balance, hydrates and soothes
  • Removes eye make-up without irritation
  • Formulated from fractionated, non-comedogenic coconut oil
  • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates while it cleanses for an anti-aging boost
  • A facial cleanser suitable for vegans

Clean Skincare For Sensitive Skin.
Made In Canada. 
Dermatologist Recommended.


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