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The Ritual Store - Palo Santo Sage Selenite Bundle


Palo Santo is a purifying wood that comes from the sacred mystical tree in South America . Holy wood is part of the citrus family with aromatic notes of lemon, mint, and pine. This Beautiful high vibe Palo Santo Sage + Selenite Bundle Includes 6 Palo Santo Sticks, Sage + Flowers attached with a Selenite mini wand.

Selenite is a meditation Crystal, associated with the moon and her energy.

Palo Santo is considered a healing wood and can be used like Sage to cleanse, purify and energetically heal your space or self. Palo Santo's aromatic citrus scent is uplifting and great for raising vibrations of energy during meditations or magic work.

All Bundles are blessed with love and light in a Ritual Ceremony.

approximately 5 - 6 inches

comes with ritual card

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