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Well Told Health Botanicals Cough Relief



Breathe easier and boost immunity. Relieves upper respiratory complaints such as coughs and bronchitis.

Organic licorice + organic chaga + organic amla + organic portobello mushrooms (500 IU vitamin D) + vegan capsule shells + nothing else. 

Why take it 
If you suffer from seasonal coughs or bronchitis.
To help keep your lungs clear and free of mucus.
To help boost your immunity during cold and flu season.
To ensure you’re getting sufficient vitamin D and staying healthy during the darker winter months.


A herb that helps relieve chest complaints such as coughs and bronchitis.

ORGANIC CHAGA (150.6 mg)
A medicinal mushroom known for its powerful immune boosting properties.

One of the highest known sources of antioxidants.

ORGANIC PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMS (500 IU vitamin D) (12.5 mcg)
Specially grown and exposed to the sun to create vitamin D.

60 vegan capsule shells, 508mg each

Capsule shells:

Well Told Health capsule shells are 100% vegan, made with either tapioca or cellulose derived from pine trees.
While many brands choose to use gelatine capsules, we see it as an unnecessary added source of animal product, often unclearly sourced, with potential long-term side effects.

Recommended dose 
Adults: Take two (2) capsules daily. Take two hours before or after taking other medications. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 4-6 weeks. 

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, symptoms persist or worsen, you have a liver disorder, or you have or develop abdominal pain, nausea, fever or vomiting. 

Do not use if you have hypokalemia, high blood pressure, or a kidney or cardiovascular disorder. Do not use if you are taking thiazide diuretics, cardiac glycosides, corticosteroids, stimulant laxatives, or other medications which might aggravate electrolyte imbalance.

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