Wildwood Isidia Rich Shaving Creme



Foraged flower rich shaving creme with Toasted Honeybush, Wild Elderflower and Full Moon Yarrow

A luscious, rich shaving crème infused with wild foraged botanicals and glacial clays. The perfect skin potion pairing with Well Kept Safety Razor

Featuring skin nourishing, reparative, and antiseptic herbs and flowers including honeybush leaves, fresh yarrow blossom, cottage-grown thyme, wild elderflowers, night gathered tulsi basil, creamy raw almond, and local wildflower honey. Our gentle, wildcrafted and organic shaving crème offers a superior glide with reduced irritation, while deeply replenishing and softening the skin.

120ml amber glass bottle

The Ritual

Massage onto damp skin and shave as usual. May be enjoyed on the face or body. Rinse, and apply a hydrating body serum or moisturizer. Thoroughly rinse razor with hot water during, and after use.

May be used with standard razors, straight or safety blades.

As this vessel is glass, we encourage storage outside of your shower or bath.

Caring for Your Potion

Use this handcrafted wild skin potion within 6 months of opening, while storing at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight.

safety razor pictured not included

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